Virago Carnival

A Festival of Feminism

Right to Life? Yeah right!

We dressed in black and shouted "Repeal", They dressed in black and shouted "Conceal" 796 children pronounced dead, their mothers blamed for being unwed. Women hidden away and shamed, Abused, used and 'tamed'. How fucking dare they say a right... Continue Reading →

Superheroes and stilettos: How can you save the world in 6 inch heels?

Some shows ask us to suspend our belief of human abilities and delve into a world where anything is possible. In sci-fi, fantasy and superhero movies, I can believe there are demons and monsters threatening to destroy the world, I can... Continue Reading →

Real Talk: Religion.

Have you heard the expression “religion and politics should not be discussed”? I heard this a lot growing up, from peers and teachers, and it always confused me. Why shouldn’t we talk about two major things that have framed our... Continue Reading →

Gag rule reflexes: Resisting Trump & Repealing the 8th.

A few years ago I developed a proposal for an interactive theatre piece called 'Farmed'. Besides having some lovely, talented people willing to work on it and a heap of optimism, I didn’t exactly have all the components to bring it... Continue Reading →

Enough with the Chick Flick Sh*t!

Has this ever happened to you? You’re talking to someone and recommend a movie and the person (usually a man, sorry dudes) replies with “I’m not into chick flicks” or something equally dismissive. It’s happened to me a bunch of... Continue Reading →

Coming Home, Having ‘Been Away Out Foreign’

Three weeks ago I arrived back to Ireland after living in Hong Kong for a year. Hong Kong is a wonderful and unique city with an abundance of contrasting landscapes to take in. One minute you're on a street bombarded with... Continue Reading →

New Years Commandments (to beat the New Year, New You Blues)

1.) Thou Shalt Have More Patience with thy Mother: Even if she is still complaining about that time you left a plate in your room over Christmas and then proceeds to tell the same story for the umpteenth time while... Continue Reading →

The Queen and I: A Lifelong Fascination with Ms.Britney Spears

This week has sucked for losing some female icons. It’s a tragic loss to the world to lose Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher, their talent and lives affected and inspired so many and the world mourns the loss of idols.... Continue Reading →

All I Want For Christmas is….Tampons?

The groups helping homeless women to have access to critical feminine hygiene products, and how you can help.

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