It really upsets me that in this day and age, the debate about same- sex marriage is even a debate.

In a modern world where schools have such a big focus on anti- bullying, how do we expect children to adhere to this when adults are bullying other adults by depriving them of rights?

If two people want their relationship to be socially and ritually recognized to establish rights and obligations between them then let them. Just because it is legal, does not mean people will rush into this with haste. It will be the same process as a hetero-sexual couple.

I can’t imagine why people who will vote “no” feel so strongly against two people getting married.

For people who say “Marriage is sacred bond between a man and a woman…”

Yes, it was. It was when marriage was introduced to gain more power and land. Families married off their daughters to create political alliances and gain access to more resources and wealth. Men had many wives to gain control over more land.

In comes the Catholic Church. Europe was covered by dozens of tiny kingdoms, all vying to consolidate their political power through alliances, marriages and war. The church consolidated their power by removing the nobility’s right to marry more than one woman and the right to divorce and thus effectively limited any other king’s ability to consolidate the church’s power and threaten them again. So as you can see, the phrasing and history of that is a tad dated.

For the people taking the “won’t somebody please think about the children” route…

For any couple to adopt a child, it is a long and hard process. I am not an expert but from what I know, it is hard. There are assessments and requirements. I imagine it will be harder for a same- sex couple to adopt a child anyway. So for them to go through all these stages just shows how much they want for a child. Just because they are of the same sex does not in any way justify the child’s well-being.

Divorce was not legal until 1995 in this country, an electorate was put forward in 1986 proposing divorce which was not passed due to more, or less the same reasons gay marriage is being opposed. As a child of divorced parents, I am much happier my parents divorced and were happy, rather than being unhappy, for “my sake”, which undoubtedly would have fed into my well-being.

As far as morals are concerned…. we all know how “moral” both the Catholic church and the Irish government have been throughout the years.

Groups fear- mongering the threat of a weakened society. Our society is weak. Since the recession people are un-trusting of the government, the introduction of the water charges causing major opposition to the government and social revolt.

At the same time, our society is strong, but it is the people in it that make it strong. The good people, the people who recognize and celebrate individuality, who respect that in others, the people that want to help others and be happy. These are the people that make a society strong. And a lot of these people are gay. The people who want to oppress people and oppose people free rights, they are the ones that make society weak.

It is oppression. It is also extremely oppressing that today the government said  “no electoral mandate to hold a referendum on abortion and no consensus on what form any amendment should take”.

Why should a group of men decide what a woman can do with her body?

The people who get a say in this are majorly people it does not affect. Men and older women. What about the young girl who has her own plans for the future and has an unplanned pregnancy? She is expected to change her whole life and plans because the government expects her to. Her life doesn’t matter now, it is the life of the unborn fetus which is the priority.

I believe life is a beautiful thing but women should have the choice to bring life into this world.

If a woman is raped and gets pregnant, she does not have a choice whether or not she will give the rest of her life to this child?

If a woman does not want a child, if she knows she can not support the child and knows she may not put the child first, she is expected to have it anyway.

How can this government think a child is better off in this situation than in the arms of a same-sex couple who had to prove their want for the child?

In Saudi Arabia, women are not allowed drive cars. That is a very dated concept in the eyes of modern Ireland. But I see no difference in that deprivation of basic logic and human rights as I do with the same-sex marriage debate and the abortion debate. It is oppression.

How are we meant to teach little girls that they can grow up to be whatever they want, when the law is saying “Yes, be whatever you want, unless you get pregnant, then you have to be a mother.”

How are we meant to teach kids to not be prejudiced when the law is segregating a major group in our society? The fact that same sex marriage has not already been introduced is teaching them that there is something wrong and not normal about being gay, which is not the type of world we should be moving towards.

Author: Shaunna Lee Lynch


About: Shaunna is an Irish writer, performer, dreamer, hip hop enthusiast and general enthusiast living in Hong Kong.