1.) Thou Shalt Have More Patience with thy Mother:

Even if she is still complaining about that time you left a plate in your room over Christmas and then proceeds to tell the same story for the umpteenth time while subtly giving unsolicited advice on your life choices. That woman gave you life, so call her more, smile and agree…even when you feel your blood pressure rising.

2.) Thou Shalt Not Procrastinate with Intermittent Instagram Breaks.

The manic scrolling in a spaced out daze kind, where your thumb glides the screen like its working up towards the world thumb wrestling championship. The kind where you have to squint your eyes because you’ve been scrolling for so long, that when the spell is finally broken you’ve lost all sense of time, place and matter. The funny cat meme will be reposted, your favourite celebs posts will still be there at the end of the day and you really don’t need to scroll through the past year of posts from a girl you met once ten years ago. Focus on your thing and do it!

3.) Thou Shalt Not Compare Thy Self to Others:

You are not them and vice versa, as Dr.Seuss says “Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you.”

Unknown-13.jpeg                                        ^ What he said. You are you and that is enough.

 4.) Thou Shalt Not Worry Over Imaginary Scenarios:

They’ll probably never happen. Or if they do, they’re going to happen anyway so you may as well use the time for thinking about something fun, like vacations, or pizza.


 5.) Thou Shalt Not Punish Thyself for Breaking Thine Diet:

Sure the New Year, New You canons are full steam ahead after Christmas week but when they start to lose their gusto and you break it, don’t beat yourself up.  That ‘no sugar’, ‘no booze’, ‘no carbs’, ‘no fun’, ‘no don’t even look at that’ diet may seem like a great idea at the time but are hard to maintain so don’t leave the post-Christmas, guilt-inducing ads make you feel like shit about yourself. You’ll get the body you want eventually, step-by-step (make those steps on an elliptical trainer and you’ll get it even sooner, wahey!).

6.) Thou Shalt (try to) Eat Right:

Make smart food choices. We’re lucky to have an ever expanding range of convenient health conscious foods in most shops these days so look for healthy alternatives. Try to eat fresh locally sourced food that aren’t full to the brim of chemicals. Or start your own mini-garden. Then that way you’ll not only have fresh vegetables but an awesome conversation starter.

7.) Thou Shalt Volunteer More:

We all like dozens of posts of Facebook each day about the good work people are doing, helping others. Sure sharing, liking and commenting helps to spread the word and awareness is key but let’s practice what we preach and engage in charities in real life, not just on Mark Zuckerberg’s cash cow.

8.) Thou Shalt Be More Politically Active:

I spent much of this year contemplating, reading and writing about American politics and the faults in the Irish government, yet I am ashamed to say I haven’t a clue who my local politicians are. Partly because of my hobo-like tendency to move around a lot but mostly because I just never looked into it. Everything begins from local politics and it also gives you a chance to engage and vote for the right people, so the big-wigs up top aren’t inundated with corrupt, stuffy old dudes making decisions for the rest of us.

 9.) Thou Shalt Look Up from thy Phone:

So much of life passes us by when we are having a staring competition with Safari. Look up, breathe in, look at the trees and the sky and the birds and the fields or the buildings and sea and animals and children and people around you and clouds and flowers and all those wonderful things this earth possesses. Take it all in and be glad you have the chance to witness it. Your soul will be happy . . . and your friends, that shit is annoying when you’re talking to someone!

poster1blog                             you might even see a bum, and who doesn’t like bums?

10.) Thou Shalt Make Things:

Anything! Write, draw, make music, make theatre, film, take pictures, paper mache, finger painting, anything at all. Just do it! What a wonderful thing it is to focus on something and make something out of what was nothing. If everyone gave into the thoughts of “I’m not good enough” or “I don’t have time”, we’d have a lot less magical art in the world. Someone has to do it, and why not you? It could be brilliant, and if it’s not, who cares? Just do it anyway.

 11.) Thou Shalt Maybe Give Tinder another try:

Thou shalt not download it, set up a profile, get obsessed with it for four hours and rejoice at all the beautiful men in my location, exult at each match then recoil in horror at some messages and feel guilty about not writing back to some guys and find the whole thing just too over whelming and delete it a day later…. like the last 4 times. This one may be specifically aimed at me, or I mean, “my friend” (cough,cough).

 12.) Thou shalt dance more:

When you have some sick beats playing in your headphones and you get the urge to bust a boogie, do it. Even if it is in the cereal aisle in Tesco and you look like Rihanna having a seizure, get down with ya bad self!


Overall enjoy what this new year brings, and although you may be in the ‘new year, new me’ state of mind, I’m sure the old you is pretty swell too. 🙂

Author: Shaunna Lee Lynch


About: I am an Irish writer, performer, avid day dreamer, generally enthusiastic, hip hop enthusiast.

Instagram: @Shaunnaleelynch

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