Virago Carnival

A Festival of Feminism

How Rose McGowan Rescued My Spirit

Denial of the necessity of feminism, the representation of women in media and the virago queen, Rose McGowan.

Disrupting Music Festival Gender Disparity: M.I.A & More Dope Ladies I’ve Seen

Last weekend, Clockenflap, Hong Kong’s only big music festival took place. Originally I had decided to veto it and thankfully I changed my mind last minute and got my tickets, I would have been pretty pissed if I missed M.I.A’s... Continue Reading →

Food, Glorious (Guilt Inducing, Gratifying, is that Gluten Free? ) Food!

With the global epidemic of the DT’S settling in, (the Donald Trumps) let’s talk about something else that plagues the mind of many; food, glorious food! It is the magical source of life that keeps us going, it can cheer... Continue Reading →

Magic, music festivals & 7 other outlandish tools to triumph over Trump’s fools

For the past week the Internet (and the world) has been a very scary place. Every time I go for a wander on the interwebs I am met with the ghosts of elections past, present and future, flaunting themselves unabashedly... Continue Reading →

The crack in everything: a short story.

“What’s going on Mammy?” A little girl asked her mother, her eyes wide with innocence, woven with confusion. “I’m not too sure darling.” The woman said, her voice stiff and laden with uncertainty. The girl tilted her head towards her... Continue Reading →

Success, Anxiety and Quarter Life Crises

I intended to write a post today about ‘women who did not succeed until later in their life’, partly to subside the ‘should I know what I’m doing by now?’ voice inside my head that comes a knockin' on the... Continue Reading →

‘Why Don’t We All Just Go On Strike?’ Reproductive Rights and Raises in Iceland, Poland and Ireland.

This week women in Iceland fantastically left work at 2.38pm to protest the gender pay gap. Women employees make 14 to 18 percent less than males in Iceland, which essentially means after 2.38pm they are working for free. What an excellent... Continue Reading →

Feminist Handler? Feminist Lately? Whatever, I heart Chelsea Handler. #WCW

Last week on Chelsea Handler’s Netflix show ‘Chelsea’ , an episode aired where she had a dinner party for four female guests. The guests included actresses Hilary Swank and Connie Britton, director Ava DuVernay and Miss USA and soldier Deshauna... Continue Reading →

No Scrubs; a scrub is a presidential canditate of the United States,

hanging on the passenger side of Access Hollywood's ride trying to grab a puss - y. It’s not the first time I’ve wrote about this orange buffoon and the tornado of nonsensical sadism that surrounds his campaign nor do I... Continue Reading →

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